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Who is Chiron?

A character and god of Greek Mythology, Chiron, is known as the wisest of centaurs.

As a “Master of Medicine”, his name literally translates to “skilled with the hands.”

While being recognized for many accomplishments, Chiron is most widely celebrated as being a great healer and a “teacher/trainer of demi-gods” More recently, and due to the work of

Carl G. Jung, Chiron has come to be known as the archetype of the “Wounded Healer.” 

Unfortunately for Chiron, the role of the wounded healer came at the price of his own mortality. The classic story states that during a battle Hercules (a student of Chiron) accidentally hit Chiron with an arrow that had been dipped in “Hydra-Venom” which was known to cause wounds that could never heal. Being an immortal and having a wound that could never heal proved to be quite problematic. After years of pain and many attempts to heal the wound Chiron decided to relinquish his immortality. Chiron later died and therefore was released from the suffering of his wounding. Zeus honored the death of his brother with the constellation of Sagittarius.